Professional Beginner

Being a Professional Beginner is all about being comfortable with the vulnerability associated with… not knowing. By embracing the vulnerability instead of rejecting it, it allows us to be more honest and clear-minded on what these unknowns, that sometimes terrify us, really are. Then, it is all about moving forward, learn what there is to learn, and... repeat.

Often it comes in the form of asking questions, even those to which it feels we "should" know the answer. Asking questions, but also not having too many expectations on the response. Ideally none, realistically... some. While the name doesn't originate from there, it is very similar in form and meaning to the "Beginner's Mind" of Zen Buddhism.

From this practice, a couple of truth emerged:

  • Everything is complex before it becomes simple
  • Nothing needs to remain complex
  • The only requirement is the willingness to explore

For me, being a Professional Beginner isn't only a way to approach software, it is a way of life.

My name is Flo and I am the Professional Beginner.


— The Professional Beginner